Jondar Cormack (Deceased)

Paladin of Kelemvor


While attempting to retrieve an artifact for a loan shark, Aldris Brooks and Dvalin Magni freed Jondar from some goblin slavers. He had been attempting to assault and clear out a nearby earthmote of undead when the slavers snuck up on him.

My family lived on the outskirts of the one of the Seven Cities: Weston. My father was a carpenter and he preferred to cut trees from the old forest. My mother died when my sister and I were young; it was a hard life, but a good one. One winter he went to go scare off some animal scratching at our meat shed. He was slow returning so I went to check on him. The wounds he had were deep, I ran hours for a doctor, but it was too late. It was too cold to bury him so I build a nice box and we put him in the meat shed to wait the spring thaw. He didn’t wait. Somehow his corpse got hold of an axe, I tried to outrun him, tried to lure him to the ice and push him through, but he was fast. I ended up cornered in a grove. I prayed to Kelemvor to give me the strength to end his rampage before it started. Kelemvor answered my prayer and I sent my father back to the grave. I have been dutifully serving Kelemvor ever since.

Jondar Cormack (Deceased)

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