Civilization as a whole has advanced to a near-industrial state. This is due in large part to the stabilization of agriculture afforded by magic means.

Physical Science

Physical science has progressed relatively little due to the abundance of magic and divine knowledge. Simple machines and mechanisms are quite common, but anything more complicated than a hinge or gear would require specialist knowledge. Anatomical sciences are equally undeveloped as many life saving procedures are carried out magically or pseudo-magically.


Performed by collecting ‘mana’ or magical force from the environment and applying to a specific purpose by force of will. Only the ‘force’ or ‘energy’ required for a spell comes from mana, material cannot be created from it. For instance magical snow is formed by condensing water vapor from the air. Many magic-users are unlikely to know the physical science reasoning for an event and perform the act intuitively. To create magical snow a mage would imagine how cold a winter morning would be and use his mana to imitate those conditions. Many mages cannot create effects outside their experience, so un-specialized mages are likely to be well traveled or have had several specialized mentors. Even poorly trained mages are respected or feared both because of their impressive visual effects and the improved education their trade necessitates

Magic is largely responsible for many of the technological advances that occurred within the last couple centuries. Improving or even extending the growing seasons by moderating local weather and maintaining soil quality has vastly improved agriculture for many medium to large kingdoms. Higher quality lighting has become available for wealthy states extending the number of usable working hours and increasing productivity.


Interfacing with The Divine Powers either good or ill has traditionally been very difficult. The gods do indeed exist and have a hand in the world, but their wills are vast and inscrutable even to their direct servants. Critics claim that all divine powers are in fact disguised magical effects. While many common divine spells are in fact magical rather than divine in nature true miracles do occur! Magic, as it stands, cannot create or destroy matter; miracles can. It is simply unfortunate that rarely do the gods grant the attention to a specific event to cause those miracles when requested. The lack of direct satisfaction from divine pleas coupled with the clear agricultural advancements brought by magic is a sore point for many religious orders.



Most states are sill monarchical. This is in large part due to the improved information gathering and propaganda methods afforded by magical advancement. Alternative styles of government do exists as is evident in the The Seven Cities, Free Port, and Luccini.

Common Folk

The average commoner is still likely to be a farmer or craftsman of some kind. Many are resentful of the role mages now play in their craft, even it their help does yield better more consistent results. Additionally, the free time garnered by improving their trades means the general populace is becoming more educated. Real libraries have begun appearing, as duplication of written works is now trivial. Sometimes these locations are state-sponsored, but many have a low-fee membership.


Probably common and some others, TBD


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