Character Creation

Character attributes and items

  • You do not have to create a new character, you may bring in a character from another campaign, but it must be scaled to 6th level in 4th edition D&D.
  • You may get material from the supplemental rulebooks (ex. Arcane Power), but ask permission for using any monster to player races (ex. Minotaur)
  • You have 17,000g to buy items, with some restrictions:
    • Initially you may only buy mundane items, magical items are assumed at this level and will be bought at the table under the premise of the story
    • Magical reagents, potions etc. may be bought as long as they are listed as 6th level or lower
    • Restrict yourselves to a quantity of items a reasonable person would have.
      • Example 2 pairs of gloves, 1 set of climbing gear, and 1 lantern with one week worth of fuel is acceptable
      • 18 pairs of gloves, and 1 lantern with three months’ worth of fuel is excessive

Character Background

For a character to be accepted you must provide the following background details. Keep in mind your characters are level 6, so you’re epic tale of single handed dragon slaying is more likely your go-to drunken bar story than fact! Try to go for descriptive paragraphs so I have content, but try to keep each answer to a page or less so I can read them!

  • What is something your character did in the past?
    • Example 1: Sleuthed out and arrested the leader of a gang!
    • Example 2: With a small band of like-minded activists you cleared out a goblin foothold before it got out of hand!

  • You are currently in the port-city of Luccini, how did you get here?
    • Example 1: On a merchant ship as part of the crew!
    • Example 2: A traveling (or resident!) priest at the local temple.
  • What is your character currently doing?
    • Example 1: Sitting in a musty tavern spending the gold from your last adventure on booze and loose company!
    • Example 2: Researching an ancient artifact to cure the duke’s son from a mysterious ailment.
  • What is something your character deeply regrets?
    • Example 1: Not being by your father’s side before he passed away.
    • Example 2: Staying home to help run the farm instead of running off with the mayor’s daughter!

Character Creation

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