Luccini low res


A bustling port city on the edge of the Azjol desert. The city itself has little land or resources available for agriculture. As such the inhabitants are mostly merchants, aristocrats, and wealthy traveling nobles from other lands. The high class clientele means all services in the city from the brothels, to the inns, and public institutions are all incredibly luxurious and appropriately expensive.
The laws (see Law) place an emphasis on debt and this has seeped into the culture as a whole. While you cannot be jailed because one owes a “favor” or “kindness” one should take care to repay it as soon as possible.
This city once served as the hub for all the cities in the Azjol desert, but no longer. The Luccini guilds still have ports on the coast, but with no cities to serve on the interior all of the merchants are focused on those few ports making competition fierce and profit low. This is ultimately causing internal strife. This strife is slowly manifesting as a creeping corruption of city officials.


The city itself is run by a triumvirate of guild masters all pertaining to trade. The naval guard has considerable say in what transpires, but ultimately the triumvirate pays their wages and the navy will comply with their wishes.


The laws are relatively open compared to other cities in the region. This stems primarily from the dependence on trade, however it is illegal (and possibly very dangerous) to go into debt. You might be jailed or worse the “owner” of said debt might come to collect it in any form he pleases!


Since the city has no lower or even an effective middle class, all labor is performed by slaves. The care and maintenance of property is taken very seriously in this city, thus slaves are treated relatively well. However as slaves age, they become less useful and thus unless the owner is particularly kind or the slave has performed unusually well during his/her life will be sold to a person of lesser wealth or “retired” permanently. Spoken language, clothes, or shops are a poor indicator of wealth in the city, but the age, quantity, and attractiveness of the slaves is a clear sign.


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